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Monday to Friday: 11AM - 5PM
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Let’s Change How We Invest

Ackerland Capital solves the problem for investors to infuse their money for generating consistent alpha returns with capital protection while being completely transparent about its operations and performance.

The Global Presence

Ackerland Capital has its current operations running in India and Dubai


Businesses, Equity, Commodity and Debt Markets


Businesses, Cryptocurrencies and Forex Markets

Investing in High Growth businesses

Ackerland Capital invests in quality businesses for its investors. Businesses with good earnings track records, management and structure has yielded marvelous returns over the years for Ackerland Capital

The Ackerland Advantage

Enjoy the edge of investing with Ackerland Capital.


Alpha Returns

Aims to beat market returns by allocation of funds across capital markets and businesses.



Strategies that focuses on consistent returns irrespective of the market cycles.



Beating the market returns while having a justified risk on the capital throughout.



Being a complete transparent company to investors about our performance and operations.



Tailor-made portfolios and custom solutions for clients according to their risk profile and preferred investing theme.


Risk Focused

Prioritizing the capital safety through rigorous risk management for capital protection and diversification.

Why Us?

The experienced team of Ackerland Capital is able to serve its clients in the best way possible by their flexible approach to invest or trade in different type of markets. 

Connect with us

Feel free to reach us out in case of any queries or speak to our representative now.